Turn your iPhone into a personal trainer


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miCoach is a tool designed with athletes in mind so that they can create their own training plan in order to improve in areas they need to focus on, also, it is always available on an iOS device's screen.

The iOS app automatically synchs with your user account on the miCoach website so that you can easily follow your progress from your both your mobile phone and your computer.

Once you are synched, the app lets you measure out your entire exercise, keeping track of the amount of time you run, reminding you what warm-ups you need to do, adding up the number of calories burned, or coming up with a training plan from scratch.

Thanks to its speed sensor and the iOS accelerometer, you can carry out indoors training sessions, which makes it great to work out in the gym and outdoors.

miCoach is a very complete training tool which allows users to keep in shape and understand how they are in shape and what needs improvement, if anything.